The Better Health Generation’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a workplace benefit programme that provides confidential counselling, consultation, and referral services to employees to help them deal with a variety of personal and work-related issues. All our programmes are evidence-based and address employee health and wellbeing.

Some of the benefits of an EAP include:
Improved Employee Wellbeing

We help employees deal with a range of personal and work-related issues, including: stress, anxiety, depression, substance misuse, financial problems, and relationship issues, leading to better job performance, job satisfaction and staff retention

Increased Productivity

By helping employees address personal and work-related issues, EAP’s can help improve productivity and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. It is estimated that the UK economy loses £37 million a year due to sick days

Enhanced Employee Retention

Providing an EAP can help attract and retain employees, particularly those who value employer support for their mental health and wellbeing. Employees who feel supported by their employers are more likely to remain with the company

Improved Workplace Morale

Our services can help create a supportive and caring workplace culture by demonstrating that the employer values the wellbeing of its employees and is committed to helping them address personal and work-related issues. This can lead to increased employee morale and engagement