The Better Health Generation provides comprehensive and personalised multidisciplinary allied health support to children, adolescents and adults.

Working within educational settings such as Schools, Colleges and Universities, we provide counselling and mental health support that empowers students of all ages to thrive in their everyday environments and manage health challenges.

We provide services that are effective and individualised, using evidence-based treatment approaches to support a student’s behaviour, development, mental health and wellbeing.

Our mobile team of health professionals are here to work with you to develop realistic and achievable health programmes, tailored to your organisational needs and achievable within your budget. 

Research shows that children with support needs often benefit from a co-ordinated care approach that is consistent and seamless, to better facilitate the transition between health professionals, facilities and other supports.

Our team of clinicians work together to form a holistic, evidence-based collaborative assessment and intervention plan that meets the student’s needs.