Thrive into Work Online Workshops

job seeker webinars

Working to support job seekers
get to where they want to be…

The Better Health Generation will offer a series of six online learning workshops designed for job seekers.

One session will be held each week and have been specifically crafted to complement the other sessions in the series. Each workshop will build on a job seeker’s employability skills and knowledge to improve their outcomes, and there will be hints and tips on settling into a workplace along the way.

The TBHG Thrive into Work Online series will be hosted by our health professionals and cost just £25 per person for all six sessions.

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Our six week series will include:

job seeker workshop

Self-care and resilience

job seeker assessments


self-care and resilience

What does work look like now?

motivational interviewing

Landing the job

client wellbeing

Goal setting for today

work importance

Life after COVID-19

Please get in touch for more information.
Natalie Keating E: P: +44 (0) 7989109775
Andy Milne E: P: +44 (0) 7809645615