Health Assessments

Our expert allied health professionals produce timely, independent and high-quality assessment and report solutions to insurance companies, law firms, government departments, corporate businesses and other businesses and organisations in needs of prompt, impartial and reliable health assessments.

Corporate Health & Wellbeing

The Better Health Generation’s workplace wellbeing specialists provide leadership development, mental health and wellbeing training, return to work plans and work with you to reduce staff turnover, absenteeism and workplace claims and improve performance and productivity.


Our health professionals support employment providers with specialised skills and innovative, evidence-based, work-focussed health programs. Our allied health team included psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and more.

We Deliver

Individual Assessments

Our expert team perform psychological and medical assessments to determine the best strategies for you, your team and your clients, based on your needs. Our evidence-based assessment process uses unique health tools to improve results and gain better outcomes quickly. We offer face-to-face sessions as well as a range of digital solutions including video, telephone and web chat.

psychological medical assessments
face-to-face employee counselling

Individual Services

Face-to-face sessions with your employees or clients to address health barriers and challenges. Our sessions use The Better Health Generation’s unique, evidence-based tools to plan the most effective pathways to desired outcomes.

Group Programs

Did you know Groups are just as effective at improving capacity and outcomes as individual health sessions? The Better Health Generation offers a suite of specialised group programs written by experts and delivered by registered health professionals. They are an efficient and cost-effective approach to gaining positive outcomes and results quickly.

mental health group programs
video call health services

Digital Solutions via Phone, Video and Webchat

Our fast and effective video call and web chat services make it easier to access a range of health services remotely and in real-time. Our unique clinical health tools are utilised within our health-grade secure platforms. Our customers can book online appointments with health specialists including psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, physiotherapists and rehabilitation counsellors. People who don’t speak English as a first language can have an appointment with a multilingual health specialist. Call us today on 020 3870 4154 to find out how our variety of digital solutions can help achieve your goals.