The Better Health Generation is a community of thought-leading mental and physical health professionals bound together by purpose. We are experts in work-focussed health services, and give individuals and organisations access to high-quality, evidence-based and cost-effective health solutions that support your performance, improve staff turnover and commitment and deliver tangible results.

What We Do

The Better Health Generation is an international organisation built on a reputation for quality and results. Our health professionals include psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses and rehabilitation counsellors. We invest heavily in our people and only hire those with the best skills and that align with our company values to maintain our innovative and outcomes-focussed approach. Our nurses are registered with the NMC, the national body that supports healthcare professionals to deliver the highest standard of care and ensures they care for people safely and with integrity, our Occupational Therapists are all approved and registered.

The Better Health Generation health services include Individual Assessments, Group Programs and Digital Solutions. Our friendly team can help you develop a cost-effective strategy to achieve your goals.

Our Values

High Standard of Service


What we do, we do well.
We have high standards, and we take pride in both the pace
and value of our work.

Successful Results


Our clients’ successes are our greatest achievements.
We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes.

innovative Approach


We are constantly developing new ideas and approaches.
We encourage creative thinking, keep up with new scientific methods and partner with leading research institutions

Reliable Service


We treat people with respect.
We are honest, loyal, trustworthy, reliable and responsible.

Our Mission

To provide health support for people to realise their full potential.

Our Leaders

Kylie Henderson - TBHG Founder

Dr Kylie Henderson

TBHG Founder & Managing Director

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Andy Milne - TBHG UK National Manager

Andy Milne

TBHG UK National Manager

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Fred Cicchini - TBHG Group CEO

Fred Cicchini


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Natalie Keating - TBHG UK CEO

Natalie Keating


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Industry Leaders & Innovators

The Better Health Generation have formalised their deep commitment to quality and innovation through their PhD program The Next Generation.

The Next Generation is a collaborative, international partnership between TBHG, the Université du Québec à Montréal in Canada and the University of Southern Queensland in Australia. Currently, six projects are underway that address work focussed and integrated health approaches and strategies.
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