The Better Health Generation is an allied health organisation that supports Employability Providers across the UK. 

We address the mental and physical health challenges of your most disadvantaged and vulnerable clients by providing interventions, recommendations and action plans for clients with disability, injury, medical or mental health conditions to assist them in gaining and sustaining suitable employment.

We offer cost-effective, academically based, results-driven health and work services to organisations that get service users into work faster and improve performance and KPI’s.

Our highly qualified and experienced health professionals deliver health assessments and interventions to fast-track job seekers back into employment via telephone, face-to-face, group and video call services. 

We work with your clients to reduce barriers to returning to work, as well as offering health assessments, pre-employment assessments, post-placement support and more.


The Better Health Generation comes to your site and delivers work-focused, cost-effective, results-driven interventions that are designed to get results quickly and effectively. Ask about out individual sessions and group programmes that can be customised to suit your specific needs. Our unique, academically-based services and products are utilised within our one-on-one and group sessions.




Research shows that video consultations can gain the same results as face-to-face health appointments and interventions. The Better Health Generation’s fact and secure Video Call service is an easy and highly effective way of connecting your job seekers in rural and remote location, or who have difficulty travelling, to more regular health services to ensure they maximise their efforts with the consistency of care.